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Large Paint Rack

These racks come with either 27mm, 34mm and 38mm holes.

Dimensions are H742mm W660mm D55mm

27mm (Vallejo, Hataka etc.) hold 147 bottles

34mm (MRP, Alclad etc.) hold 112 bottles.

38mm (Tamiya, Gunze etc.) hold 112 bottles.

Small Paint Rack

All Racks come in:


All Black

All white

Black and Clear

These smaller racks hold 45 bottles of paint for the 34mm and 38mm holes. 50 Bottles of paint for the 27mm holes.
The dimensions of the 27mm and 34mm hole rack is H500mm W360mm 55mm.
The dimensions of the 38mm hole rack is H500mm W385mm 55mm.

You can choose from
27mm holes for Vallejo, Hataka etc.
34mm holes for MRP, Alclad etc.
38mm holes for Tamiya, Gunze etc.

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